Preorder and Restock Tracker

Wondering about the status of a round of preorders? Want an idea of when a certain design will be restocked?
Check here for updates!

(This page is a WIP right now, not all designs will be listed yet. Thank you for understanding!!)

September Preorders
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  • September Preorders were open from 9/21/23 to 9/28/23
  • Fulfillment is expected to be in mid-late November
  • Restocks for designs from September Preorders will start happening in late November or early December.
  • Current status: All September Preorders have been shipped out! Restocks of designs that were a part of September Preorders have started, and will continue until we close for the holidays on Dec. 15th.

October Preorders
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  • October Preorders are open from 10/24/23 to 10/31/23
  • Fulfillment will happen in two waves for this round
    • Wave 1: The first 250 orders placed during October Preorders will receive a free Crystal Oracle and early fulfillment. Wave 1 fulfillment is expected to be in late December. (all have been claimed, we are now in Wave 2)
    • Wave 2: All orders after the first 250 are expected to be fulfilled in mid-late January.
  • Restocks for designs from October Preorders will begin in January or February 2024.
  • Current status: Production is complete on all items, and everything is in transit to us now!