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Sizing Chart - Petticoats

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SIZE Ankle-Length length to hem:
A Size XXS-MD 23-36 inches 23 inches 36 inches
B Size MD-XL 29-48 inches 23 inches 36 inches
C Size XL-3X 36-60 inches 25 inches 36 inches
D Size 3X-6X 44-72 inches 25 inches 36 inches

To see what size will be best for you, make sure to measure yourself and use the inches provided!

Which skirt size does each petticoat fit best?
A-D Size Petticoat measurements roughly align with A-D Size (Skater and Midi) Skirt measurements. The exact waist measurement range differs slightly from skirts though, so please check your measurments especially if you are on the low or high end of a size.

My measurements will fit two sizes, which should I choose?
Size down if you prefer a tighter fit, size up if you prefer a looser fit! For knee-length petticoats you may also wish to choose based on length.