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7/13 Restock

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This set is going to be a bit different than our usual restocks!
All of the clothing included here will only have a few pieces going up in the shop. Flame Collection clothing for example, will have 1 piece going up in each size/design, as these were extras held as buffers in case of issues or exchanges when the main collection drop happened. Some other designs, like Chartruese, are discontinued and only have a couple pieces left before they're permanently out of stock.

The second part of this restock will be accessories going up at a discount. All enamel pins, pride stickers, and washi tapes are last call items and will not be remade after what's left has sold out.

Finally, remaining collaboration items from Bittersweet Spring Aroma will be available again. These are also last call items! Once they've sold out, they won't return.
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